The CP Training Company

Successful application and performance of Cathodic Protection System requires specialized manpower, equipment and recourses. Education is required for understanding basic principles; knowledge and experience are essential for producing desired results in the field. Proper training of personals in the field of cathodic protection is quite difficult and not readily available due to the limitation that it requires good knowledge and experience with regards to various topics of electrical, metallurgical, chemical, mechanical, construction and engineering that affect corrosion and cathodic protection process in actual site conditions. The CP TRAINING COMPANY is established and managed by well-educated and experienced cathodic protection engineers to provide education, training and consultancy services in the field of Cathodic Corrosion Protection as required for proper understanding of:

  • Corrosion and Cathodic Protection process
  • Design and Calculation of cathodic protection systems for various objects
  • Specifications of materials / equipment for reliable performance in different environments
  • Procedures for installation / construction of the various components
  • Techniques of normal and special field tests / measurements including selection of measuring instruments
  • Special Software used for design / engineering, maintenance, special surveys, system monitoring etc

Training can be arranged to be held on site or at our location and contains:

  • Theory and calculation
  • Visual
  • Practical
  • Materials
  • ( Classroom )
  • ( Laboratory )
  • ( On site )
  • ( Showroom )

In order to provide you with our quotation, please

  • select your requirements from the Training Content pages
  • fill in the “Request for Quotation” form sheet and send it to us
  • if training shall be arranged at our location, please inform us, wether quotation shall include costs of accommodation for the participants

After receipt of your information we will send you our quotation containing:

  • proposed date of training course
  • duration and time schedule
  • costs and other contractual conditions